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Monday, January 21, 2008

My 15 Things

I grab this from the lovely Abbersnail of Bright Yellow World.

This is a list of 15 things you haven't told to people but have been meaning to...yes, each is addressed to a different person.

I find this exercise cathartic...and maybe you can try this!

Here are the things I've been meaning to tell to some people...

1. Thanks for having me!

2. Thank you for being there with me through think and thin. I'm now beginning to understand you.

3. Thank you for loving me...though you rarely said it to me, I don't mind, because I feel it everyday!

4. I have been thinking you are never ready to go through lifetime responsibilities seem to be doing fine already. Keep it up! I'm proud of you.

5. You are such a great help me become who I am. Thank you for helping me realize that contentment is finding success in the things I already have.

6. You are one person who can make me laugh no matter what the circumstances are and I can forgive you anything because of that!

7. Now I'm not sure anymore how real you are but your existence in any way helps me get by...and I wouldn't have managed to be here without you. Thank you!

8. You are one person who can understand me by a mere look at me, with you I simply don't have to explain myself. I miss you so much and it pains me that we are oceans away...

9. You are a living proof that stupidity can sometimes cure my craziness.

10. If this makes me a bitch, so be it, but I do hope that one day bad karma will bite you in the ass...HARD!

11. One of my greatest fear is that you break my statistics in forgiveness...because I think you are one person I can't forgive and I fear so much that on the day you die, I might have to wear all RED in rejoice.

12. I trusted you...respected you...despite all the mess that I see you do everyday. Working with you is such a blessing, for I may not have the clearest idea on who I want to be, but at least I know I will do anything in my power so I don't end up being like you.

13. You have no idea how satisfied I am to see you go through the humiliation, unfairness and injustice that you made me endure with you a year ago. May you live a long interesting understand what "retribution" means.

14. There was a time I really thought I was head over heels with my hate for you...but now, I can't remember that feeling anymore. You simply don't exist!

15. I can’t believe that we are still friends after all...


Wholly Burble said...

My Mariposa, I hope some of the "rant" helped exorcise those "devils" from your life--sounded like some real bad stuff needed to get out of you. I do hope it helped.

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

It did help...I have been holding some of those for years now...and most of them or at least about half of them are work-related.

Jan said...

Wow, those are some pretty powerful thoughts. You said it helped so I'm glad you did it. We should all do that at times eh? (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very honest. I'm impressed. :)

Mommy Lutchi said...

Halo girl, doing my hop-hop dance...Nakikibasa.

Stacey said...

I imagine this would be cathartic...
I should write the 15 things I've wanted to say to people at work but can't for fear of getting fired.
THAT would be tremendously cathartic for me.

Jen said...

It seems like it was a very cathartic exercise!

Anonymous said...

very eloquently put. I, too, would love to say some of those things. Would that I were as inspired.