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Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweetly I Rejoice

Solomon Broad of Things I'm Grateful For inspired me to post this entry. And I commit myself to start my week with a post on the things that I'm grateful for...he is right, there is just so much out there that's good and wholesome, and it's easy to ignore them sometimes.

Things I'm grateful for...

(1) The nice sleep.
(2) Good breakfast.
(3) My PC and Internet which allows me to blog and read blogs.
(4) Emails from friends.
(5) The sunny day.
(6) Having a lazy Monday morning.
(7) A glass of orange juice.
(8) I'm now done with my christmas decor. Finally!
(9) The new brassiere that I bought last weekend! Ah, very comfy!
(10) My Acts of Random Kindness...the will and circumstances that afforded me to.
(11) The sound of wind chimes in the porch.
(12) Seeing butterflies in the garden this morning.

Things I want to do/ to have today...

(1) A cheerful and productive day at work today.
(2) Have a nice coffee with Wini and not talk about work. Maybe talk about our upcoming christmas party.

Things I want to do/ to have for others...

(1) Do ARKs whenever I can.


Rachel said...

Those are all wonderful things. They remind me of nice seasons, like Spring.

I really don't like winter.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Nice list. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Unknown said...

You finished your Christmas decorating? See, nothing to panic about!

Mariposa said...

Yes, finally I did it. I will post pictures later this week...

thailandchani said...

Love it! This is a really nice list. :)

Wholly Burble said...

Great list, and wonderful thoughts to fill your day with--keep 'em up, and you'll always have reason to smile.