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Saturday, December 08, 2007

La Mariposa's 8 Random Facts

This is a meme that I volunteered to do. I got this from Gwen of Everything I Like Causes Cancer.

Here are the rules...

(1) Make a list of eight random facts/habits about themselves.
(2) Tag eight other people to do this meme and list their names.

(3) Leave a comment on each of the Tagged People's websites ton inform them about the meme which they're tagged to do (enjoined to participate!).

Here are the facts...

(1) I love watermelon! So much that I can survive having just watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner for days... :D

(2) I need fresh orange juice early in the morning! Or I get cup of coffee on the other hand comes before my evening starts (that's before I go to work) and at midnight when I have my break...

(3) I'm a call center professional and I work in the evening.

(4) I'm a BIT of a shopaholic. Many times I've been to the mall/ store to get something and end up with 20 other little items which I don't necessarily need, worst, don't necessarily remember why I got them. Maybe memory gap describes this too...LOL BUT, I really do love to shop...and shop alot I DO!

(5) And I'm not happy with number 4 fact. So in my effort to change that, slowly, I always make sure I go to the mall with somebody and I will tell them, I'm buying that item before I actually buy it...and I'm lucky if they ask me, why or what for, because I brings my senses back and I don't get to buy it anymore. (I know, I know...maybe I sound crazy here...)

(6) I don't write people's name in RED ink because in Chinese tradition it means wishing them misfortunes or bad luck. And I'm not Chinese! :P

(7) I drink occasionally, but when I drink, I mean I DRINK, and yet, I never tried getting drunk, not a bit, not at all. So, I have forever wondered what a HANGOVER really is...

(8) I'm an ee dan or a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Wow, that was tough considering I just did some similar memes and I was trying not to repeat any fact(s) about myself.

Here are the people I would love to know more about...

(1) Wholly Burble of Rocking Chair Ruminations
(2) Jan of Dream Weaver's Web
(3) Bob of Zen, Project Management and Life
(4) Her Royal Highness LittlePea
(5) Soccer Mom in Denial
(6) Rachel of That Night
(7) Suze of Suzel's Sass
(8) You! Yes, you! If you want to try it, please feel free...and if you could leave a message here that you are doing it....

Okay, this is not my first time to do a meme like Gwen, but, this is is my FIRST TIME TO TAG fellow bloggers...hope the success rate is acceptable. :D

Have a fun weekend everyone!!!


LittlePea said...

Oh-I thought red was a good luck color in China? But I'm not Chinese either so how the hell would I know?

Thanks for the tag, I'll do it tomorrow when I'm not feeling lazy...

Mariposa said...

Thanks...I sure would love to know more about you. ;)

Yes, red is a good luck color, just ondt use it to wirte names... :D

Wholly Burble said...

Oh my, I've been tagged LOL--I've got SOS tomorrow, but I'll see if I can get to it for Monday. Whew, eight things--hopefully at my age I can think of eight things that are printable to tell ;-))

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I'm glad you didnt' write my name in red also :)

I will do the meme this week and let you know. Now, go off and shop some more!!

Jan said...

Wow.. my first tag. I volunteered for interview questions....... oh dear, I hope I do this right..... LOL Thanks for putting me on the spot !!


Unknown said...

OK, so I suppose I post the 8 facts at my blog. Do I have to tag 8 people? I don't know that many bloggers.