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Friday, November 02, 2007


My October ended with a sad note...I got so pissed at work and turned so sensitive and melow dramatic that I cried the whole night...but I'm over it. I hope.

For the Halloween, well, I feel I just had the most productive 48 hours of my life for the past months...and I mean family/ personal wise.

For Nov. 1, I decided last minute to go with my Mom to Bohol (a nearby island) to visit the tomb of my Grandpa...and to visit Grandma as well... So at 10 Am, we were sailing already...hit the road after an hour and a half...was at Grandma's home by lunch time...and sailed again at around that we were back home in time for dinner!

For Nov. 2, we drove south of Cebu, to visit some relatives and got back home again at around dinner!

It was fun, and I have all the details in my mind...but my head is still spinning with excitement that I coudn't write much about it!

I did miss spending time with my family...and driving south of the island is always a pleasure!

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