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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Counting My Blessings!

Today I resolved to stop my blues and start counting my blessings...

So, here are my blessings...

(not necessarily in order of relevance)

Gift of Life/ Health
- My faith
- My health
- My capacity to perform my chosen career
- My gift of forgiveness (yes I do...and when I say I forgive, I forget!)

Gift of Family
- My wonderful parents
- My loving and well-humored brother, with the new members of the family, my sis-in-law and 3 month old nephew whom I adored...
- My wonderful cousins...thanks for being my angels!

Gift of Love
- Yummy! My ever loving and supportive bf, friend, confidant, protector, advisor, and wings...not only you make me fly, you help me soar!
- New found friend -- Ace (you made/make/want to me see the other side of everything and you inspire me in many ways you can't imagine!)

Gift of Friendship
- My friends who are always there for me no matter what!
- My patient doctors...thanks for taking care of me and making sure I don't stay in the hospital nor visit you always... :D

These and more...



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Wholly Burble said...

Sounds like you know the BEST way out of the blues--counting your blessings AND FOREGIVENESS!

You're one very loving, wise, and gracious butterfly!