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Monday, October 08, 2007

Interview with MissLittlePea

My apology to MissLittlePea, I know it took me really long to release this one but hey, better late than never, right?

The following brilliant questions is a Meme from MissPea, and my attempt to provide her some insights about myself...

1. Who did you look up to when you were growing up? Do you still look up to the same person/people now that you're older?

My parents. They never failed to put in an awe, up to now. All my achievements and who I am now, would be nothing without them. My greatest fear is, if I get married, I may not be able to provide my children what they have given me (with my only one brother), a perfect home.

2. Where do you feel most at home? With whom do you feel most at home?

It is not a question on is more on, what makes me feel most at home...nothing makes me feel home than watching the sunset/ sunrise...I can be anywhere in the world...just give me that moment once in awhile and I will be fine.

On with whom I feel most at home, this is quite tough. Can I say myself? lol Honestly, with my work and the people around me, I need nothing more than being with myself every now and then...being with some stranger would be good too... (I know this will open some discussions, I reserve this topic for another entry!)

3. Who do you usually call when you need advice? What is the best advice you ever received?

JBS and VYP never failed me in sharing with me their wisdom.

The best adviced I got from them, and that I am still having some issues reconciling with up to now is this...

Take time to have fun and don't take life too seriously. Enjoy your youth for you only pass through each phase once...the saying the youth had been wasted on the young is for people who had not taken time to enjoy their youth.

Now, I'm reminded by it, I want some tequila!!! :D

4. If you could go back time and experience the best of any era in any country, what time period and country would you choose?

I want to go back to the Gone With The Wind time, for some silly reasons, first I want to be Scarlet Ohara, second, I want their clothers and last would be, I want a kiss from Rhett Butler. And I'm not kidding at all!

5. What quality do you possess that you are the most proud of?

I think it would my passion for learning. Nothing can stop me from learning new things everyday, big and small. This continuing search for new things to learn each day sometimes puts my brain into some kind of an overload and post some challenges on my morales but they are simple irresistible!
If I may add, and though this is no big deal for me, most people are just amazed and annoyed at it. I have a special gift for forgiveness, and when I forgive, I do forget, to a fault sometimes.

So there, I hope I did not disappoint the author of those questions...

Have a nice week everyone!

P.S. I am starting my week so right!

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