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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Million Thanks!

I just had the most number of birthday greetings in my 28 years of existence from all over the world!

I would like to thank so many people not in particular order;

- Ma and Pa for all the preparations!
- Yummy for the cake!
- Aunt for the food.
- Cousin Girlie, May Jill, Jessah and Erik for the sweet visit...
- My only brother for being around...
- Joy and Jun for bringing their kids (JR and Angel Mae), you just made my day!
- Friends for flooding me with texts, emails and MSN.

An enormous thanks to all my playmates at TribalWars. Especially to my UNIRO Tribe in W8 and my BOSS Tribe in W9. Guys, I couldn't thank you enough!

To Shadowsinz. who texted me straight from his class in Singapore, thanks! And thanks that you're teacher did not catch Belated happy birthday to you as well!

To TerrorHurtz, I never expected you to greet me because you don't believe in tradition, but U DID, and thanks a million!

To SMOKYNG, Astarow, Shakir, chris.jakub, Rakra, Paolozza, Metalbear, Noniro and a lot lots of UNIRO members... Too bad the thread was now deleted and I can't mention all.

To death... my hubby and partner in the SamuraiOfLegend games, your online mail was so thoughtful.

To Henrik, aka Permapoks, thanks for the 28 premium points that you sent...

And to JMD, thanks for the friendship.

To LittlePea, thanks for the greetings!

To all I have failed to mention, you are all in my heart! Thanks for making my brithday so memorable and special...

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