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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mariposa Learns to Fly

I’ve been blessed with a keener sense of clarity these days. I can see reasons for things where before there were none. In other cases I can finally see that there are no reasons where I desperately searched for them before.

I have made several realizations and have let go of a lot of things for the better...

That’s not all I’ve realized and learned.

I have learned that...

- Control is an illusion and worry is pointless (even if it’s almost impossible to stop doing it)
- I’ve finally accepted that I have been used in the past and that I allowed it to happen.
- I am weak (spiritually, emotionally, physically)
- I have no patience and I need to change it.
- I have done and given much for what I mistook as acceptance and/or desire.
- I need to trust my instincts.
- Life is too short for an uncomfortable undies.
- I have way too many books on the go and that I should find time to accomodate them all.
- Just because something is bothering me, it’s not necessarily bothering anyone else.
- Even though I might feel centered and even today, tomorrow can and most likely will be entirely different.
- My need to tell people how and what they do consequently makes me feel is for my sake only and I need to suck it up.
- I will never ever be a happy, cheerful girl on a Monday morning.

These are all just for today. Tomorrow I may have forgotten that I’ve learned these things. I may need to learn them all over again. May this serve as a reminder more than anything else.

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