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Saturday, May 26, 2007


I have not been well for the whole week.

Last Monday I had a stuffy nose paired with occasional sneezing. I was hoping then it is just an ordinary thing I knew I was having difficulty breathing already... So for four days my bronchial asthma was on and off...I should say ON for most of the time...

I was brought to the hospital again last night, and thank goodness the attending physician knows how to diagnose me without letting me get an Xray and all those full of radiation stuffs...

With a new set of meds, finally after how many days, I was able to rest well last night and I feel a whole lot better today! Praise God!

Since I am advised by my Doctor to rest for a couple of days, and my emails at work are piling up, I guess I just have to work from home for the meantime.

I think it is now time to make a Policy not to request anything from an employee who is having a sick leave... *wink

On the other side, people seemed to be more exciting for my "big day" more than myself. Well, there are still a lot of things that could happen from today 'til January next year.

So this weekend, we might not accept lots of visitors as planned because I'm still not well... I hope my cousins would pay me a visit though, I miss those kids already!

I have not much plan for the weekend, I hope you guys will have a nice weekend. Happy Memorial to some of you...and just a plain happy weekend for the rest!


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