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Monday, April 02, 2007

Answers, huh?

Answers, I have them all. Always.

How to get a good job? Got that covered.Troubled love life? Not a problem.Is there a God? Get comfortable, this one could take a few minutes.

Then next time you go to a bookstore, you may want to go to the self-help section. Then try counting the number of books they have on making new and improved self. So many answers, most of them are only 19.99 or less (yes, I range the prices into dollars). And you notice, there have to be something to them, right?

The challenge comes not in finding answers. Answers are everywhere, cheap and plentiful. Truths comes in shades of grey, each nearly as valid as the last.

The tricky part is finding the right answers for us.

Our problem, as a society, is that we settle. We discover an answer on our own, read one in a book, or catch it on Oprah - and then we embrace it. If it’s a close enough fit for our life, it may even stay with us for a while.

Close enough, for me, isn’t good enough.

Because even if I find the right answer today, more likely than not, it won’t be the right answer for me next month or next year.

We evolve. Situations change. Self-discovery opens new possibilities. Answers, like life, must be malleable. Must be adaptable. For me, the only absolute is that there are none.

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