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Friday, February 23, 2007

Unfortunately, We're Through!

I never thought I could one day be writing you these words. My heart was so filled with love for you. This morning when I was feeling so lonely, it was still my heart that pushed me into saying "I love you" and, unfortunately, it’s also my heart that’s making me say we are through.

Yes, my darling, this is the end for us, maybe because we weren’t patient enough to overcome a few small problems… maybe we weren’t able to deal with each others sensibilities and we didn’t believe that poems that says "between intention and gesture lies a distance..."

Yes… yes, it’s true! There is a distance between intention and gesture because I know I’ve always wanted to make you happy, just as I know you also wanted to make me happy. Yet, by pure incompetence on both parties, we weren’t able to realize this…unfortunately! So, it’s best we put an end to this love affair.

I know we will always be close to each other. We will bump into each other in the same bars and other usual places, and, inevitably, our eyes will meet. Still, the tears I shed with you have dried out, and the source of those tears has been extinguished. Still today, you’ll find your name engraved on my heart, but I’m trying hard to make it beat to a different pace, now that it will no longer have the sound of your voice to move it.

All I want is for you to be very happy, and that you continue to have a life of projects and never ending successes. But, never forget that LOVE is the most beautiful and rare thing there is and, sometimes, you have to be a little bit patient and endure a little bit of pain to reach it.

A kiss from Mariposa

P. S. I take full responsibility for this failure, after all I expected too many things from you and I though I can give more than I actually can. I honestly hope that, soon, very soon, you will find someone better than me. I hope you'll be very happy because you deserve it.

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Momisodes said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so glad I read this post from you today....I really wish I had your courage to blog like you about relationships. thanks so much for sharing this...

I'm very sorry this didn't work out :(