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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year Goals

Resolutions are a bunch of BS, at least in the typical fashion they are used. People tend to believe resolutions as giving something up like sweets or smoking or masturbating while driving. (OK, threw that one in just to see if you were paying attention.)

The truth is, making those types of resolutions sets you up to fail and who needs to start off a new year as a failure? Not me. I can't remember the last time I made that type of resolution and this year is no exception.

Instead, I am going with the definitions of resolution which state as:
(1) The state or quality of being resolute.
(2) Resolving to do something.
(3) A course of action determined or decided upon.
(4) Finding a solution to a problem.

So, without further ado, here's my list of resolutions for 2007.

*Declutter whenever possible.
*Volunteer more.
*Laugh more and cry less.
*Continue on a path to mental, physical and spiritual health.
*Write. Write. Write.
*Figure out why I forget how to spell words I have known my whole life.
*Do cardio at least 3 times a week and not beat myself up if I don't.
*Do everything in moderation such as eating green mangoes, drinking Coke, doing shots of Apple Pucker, etc.
*Save money when possible but spend money when necesssary to achieve any of the above mentioned items.
*Take vacations.
*Use the word fuck less, but actually fuck more.
*Be a good friend, daughter, sister, aunt, gf.
*Not take myself too seriously.
*Remember that I no longer work for LTG and that alone makes my job great.
*Act silly.
*Try new restaurants.
*Learn something new about people around me.
*Tell people how I feel.
*Do something that I am afraid to do.
*Wear clothes that flatter my figure not clothes that are trendy but look awful on me.
*Dance whenever possible.
*Practice random acts of kindness.
*Cook more for people I care.
*Stop wishing I was famous and enjoy who I am.
*Read...and not just Sunstar or blogs.
*When people ask me when I am getting married thank them for reminding me.
*Give up on the idea that I am secretly a super hero or will come in to an astronomical amount of money that will allow me to quit my job and travel the world.
*Take more pictures.
*Try to remember sun screen.
*Get manicures and pedicures whenever possible.
*Add to this list whenever I see fit.

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