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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Beautiful Heart

It's been a quiet day today.

I got a text from my cardio this afternoon giving my the findings following the cardiac catheter and angiogram I just had few weeks backs. His exact words? I have a beautiful heart!
A beautiful heart! Same exact words were told to me by an unknown doctor who went inside my room while I was having my tests weeks ago. He told me what I was doing there when only people with broken hearts stay there, but a very beautiful heart?! I was stunned when he said that not understanding what he was saying. All I knew then was, I may need to go to US and spend Christmas away from my family to get some medications...Apparently my cardio denied having another doctor working with him that evening when I asked him who was that guy who went inside my room.

I have almost forgotten about the whole thing, until I got my text from my cardio today! I can not explain the relief I feel and unless you have been in that position you can not understand even if I tried.

My physician was surprised when he found nothing especially knowing what was on the stress test that was done in his clinic. I know this was because prayers were answered, so for each of you were praying and sending good thoughts I thank you very much. Thank you for your kindness, your support and most of all your love. Thanks go to Red, vince, Ivan, Kat, and most especially Yummy for all the particular support.

Once again, I am humbled. God is really good. Not only he gave me a beautiful heart, but he blessed be with very good friends.

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