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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Don't Cross The Streams

If this aneurysm is meant to kill her, then she's ok with that, 'cause "she is stupid".

For as long back as I can remember she has had heartaches and troubles! Man troubles and money troubles...

Never once do I recall her being content. Never once do I recall a smile lasting longer than a moment. Never once do I recall her doing anything full.

She stands in my way, not really seeing anything...her stare is past it...she is always blank...always looking back on last nights that never were...reliving it, feeling it, wanting it to be part of her savor it for a while.

She pisses me off!

She started out innocently enough. She had just showered herself with demonic thoughts when she walked in the door...I should have not allowed her! I should have always been in the watch, for the forces of evil is everywhere...

But I let her in. Her heart jumped a little, as it always does when she knows she is winning. She just sat there and waited for him to come. She needed him. He had a way of being able to see past her eyes and inside her, making her feel exposed. She liked being exposed, but only to him. She liked letting him see all the weakness and wants. Right now she had both (or so she thought) and her eyes said it all.

In real life I'm bundled up tight. Guarded and cautious. Careful. But that just won't quell the noises. Won't end her stupidity!

I'm in control of this bitch right here, to do with whatever in the fuck I please.

And fuck with me she does..

Sometimes she's easy to silence, with distraction, and shiny objects...

But she always comes back, 'cause she's a bratty one...and nothing beats her stupudity.

I want this motherfucking stupid bitch off this motherfucking office!

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